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It is the day of August 23, 2019 and you wake up in your apartment alone. Suddenly strange events that possess a paranormal nature begin to occur. These paranormal events seem to transcend the boundaries of both space and time as these events may give you a glimpse of what is yet to happen in the future. Experience these paranormal events and see what tomorrow holds.





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I'm working solo on this game project. Any donations would help to support the game's development. If not,  I'd be cool If you can provide me with comments, feedback, criticism and suggestion for the game down below in the comments section! 

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Had same good spooky stuff going on, nice

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where did you find the modern art pictures (the red circles/blue squares/yellow X in the bathroom)? Did you make them yourself?

Awesome game btw :D


This game really scared the crap out of me. The environment is so unnerving and the scares are totally unexpected. Every.Single. Time. Most of the time these games are so predictable. Not this one. Great job! I look forward to seeing more! Thanks for the scares!

Thanks man, appreciate the feedback :)


This game was so scary/good!.. I can't wait for updates or a full release!


A game of legend! The atmosphere is number 10. I hope more. Thanks <3


Me encantó la trama del juego, los muy buenos gráficos, el sonido muy exitoso, que usted quiere ayudar a mí mediante la suscripción a mi canal "Placebogamer" un pequeño pero muy variado canal, todo lo que está invitado, enlace: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7Ze0stcmF5zKGiRwGj2RJA?sub_confirmation=1 Yo agradezco vuestro apoyo amig@s...


This is a really intriguing and eye-catching game from the graphics to the plot of the game, pretty short game wished there was more content but I guess I will just have to wait. Overall great game, gonna give you follow to be notified of the upcoming added content, good luck and great work.

The game is really spectacular for an indie game. I can tell so much work was put into this and I commend you for that. There were a bunch of bugs and crashes I experienced but aside from that it's very well done hope there's more to come in the future!


Thanks man, glad you enjoyed it. I'll look more into those bugs and crashes

Hey saw your video. For some strange reason your mouse cursor isn't locked to your screen which is causing most of the bugs. I've never experienced that in the game but I'll stay vigilant in case I run into the same problem.

Ah ok I'll try and figure out and lock it im glad to know that it wasnt the game itself sorry for the wrongful accusation i appreciate you looking into it for me thanks so much for the feedback :)


Awesome game. I want more!

btw game starts at 00:06


Welcome back spectators, 

Ghost of tomorrow will have you on the edge of your seat asking yourself "what have I gotten myself into?"

Fusing paranormal and psychological horror with an engaging backstory, this game will have you asking for more.

Great job developer.  For a one man army, I'm shocked at the value of this game.  You're really coming out strong into the developers community.  The last 20 minutes are just for you.

Have fun spectators . . .

- L Squared

Thanks man, appreciate it :)

Yes of course!  You're doing a really great job man.  What's your timeline looking like for the next chapter?

Thanks man! Right now I don't have a strict timelime of the game development. I'll be taking a few weeks off but as soon as I get back I'll work on it again. You can check my twitter for any updates.

Great game.

good new version

im stuck, only 3 doors wont open and i dont know what to do


I played your game in today's video of 3 random horror games and I gotta say, it was better than I expected! I'll be looking out for the full release because even it just being a demo, it was still well done and quite creepy. I especially loved the ghost girl in the hallway and how you turned the light off she disappeared, then got closer when you turned it back on. That was amazing! 


Honest opinion... HOLY S#*T!! This game is super fun and super scary at the same time... Really enjoyed playing it and I can't wait to play more of it when the game is fully released!! Really good job on the huge scare at the end, gave me a good scare, one that I have not gotten in a long time...

Glad you enjoyed it man :)


This has got to be the scariest game I've played in a while! I loved it and look forward to what's to come. If you want to see my suffering I've linked the video down below. Enjoy!


Your game was the first game I played in this video, and I loved it!


This was honestly one of the scariest experiences of my gaming life!! Really well done!!

I absolutely loved this. That one part got me, nice scare there. I can't wait for the finished game!! <3 Zombikittie


I got scared a couple which is always great! I like how smooth the gameplay is, so expecting more in the future!

Here's my gameplay! Hope you enjoy! 


Amazing Game, i really enjoyed the atmospher and theme it reminded me alot of P.T. in a way. Great job!


Genuine jump scare! Really enjoyed this game! Great job!


Hey there, I really liked this game, I thought I had her, but still she managed to spook me :) Good luck finishing this game, I'll play it when you finished it!

Here's the proof!

A good step in the right direction with good scares. Let me know how it goes.

YouTuber: Fellowplayer

Looking around lags behind the mouse quite noitceably for me. I don't have much else to say since I didn't get far into the game because of this and so I think it would be unfair to make a judgement cause of that.

Made a video

You ever feel like your being watched??? That was me, all the time. Scuryy.

I enjoyed this experience! It has a lot of potential!

Very promising! I would like to play the full version! Is there any information about the release date?

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I'm working solo on this game so it'll take some time. So unfortunately as of now it doesn't have a release date. Await the game with patience! :)

This game was pretty good. Had me on the edge of my seat (also had me wanting to look away) But I wanted to see more. Cant wait to see where this game goes! 

I really enjoyed the game real spooky I was really startled at the end but all around gud game 

REACT **********

love the demo and like the story sound really coo. i like how you put little sounds that make the game more immersive and build up the scares. cant wait to see more of this game!!

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This was pretty good for a demo and it got me really good especially near the end. Hope for a full release. Also made a video on it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XSXq7DGe9U&t=5s 

I like turtles : D

This is how true horror should be.. subtle creaks and knocks.. leading to spooks.. and scares.. 😀 Loved it...

I really enjoyed the atmosphere you made in this game & I am eagerly awaiting the next update. It is very clear you have drawn inspirations from PT & Visage however what you have is your own unique setting & story. I like how the bright vibrancy of the game is then immediately contrasted with the dark setting of the game. It quickly becomes apparent that this game  is going to lure you into a false sense of security. GOOD JOB!!!! Please check out my video I made of you game.

Glad you enjoyed it man, thanks for the feedback :)

A very exciting peek into an interesting story. Really well done graphics, lighting and timing. It took a lot of steam to walk down the hall towards her!! I look forward to the full game~! 

Thanks for the feedback, glad you enjoyed it :)

Hi! I loved this game and am looking foward to seeing more in the future =) I used this game as part of another "3 Scary Games" video i did so hopefully i did your game justice and responded properly LUL 


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