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"Ghost Of Tomorrow is a creepy time traveling paranormal adventure where you get a glimpse of a future where you’ve been murdered."  -AlphaBetaGamer
"Things don’t look like they’re going to go all that well for you soon in Ghost of Tomorrow. Someone’s coming to kill you, and your haunted home is giving you hints on how." - IndieGamePlus


It is the day of August 23, 2019 and you wake up in your apartment alone. Suddenly strange events that possess a paranormal nature begin to occur. These paranormal events seem to transcend the boundaries of both space and time as these events may give you a glimpse of what is yet to happen in the future. Experience these paranormal events and see what tomorrow holds.





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I'm working solo on this game project. Any donations would help to support the game's development and my livelihood. Any amount would be appreciated; you can donate here on my paypal!:

You can also provide me with comments, feedback, criticism and suggestion for the game down below in the comments section!

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So, im a little confused, i love the gameplay, i thought the game was loads of fun, but im not sure if i broke it. i was in the hallway of doors, i had been walking through them for a while, and nothing was happening. i decided insted of walking directy into the room that i would hood a sharp left, when i did, it looked like a fell though the floor, it went pitch black and i cant move, im not sure if it was supposed to do that, or if i messed up but ive been stuck for 10 mins. it wont let me interact with anything or turn on my flashlight 

That definitely sounds like a glitch, sorry about that. Just restart the game, and walk to the end of the hallway with the flashlight on to trigger an event.

Absolutely love this game, has a lot of potential to become a full fledged game. Keep up the good work, love it :D


Thanks man, glad you enjoyed it :)

Never felt so much terror in my life, great job! I loved it!!! The graphics and details were amazing. I give a 5 star =)

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it :)

Thank you for this game, it's a good one and enjoyed it. Also you did great with the lighting. Appreciate your development and game :)

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Hey thanks, glad someone appreciates the lighting cause I went through so much trouble to get it right :)

cant wait for the final product!

Way to hit me with that fakeout in the hallway. Super excited to see the finished product!


Glad you liked it :)


But im left cliffhanging XD its fine i played the demo too and ill make sure i keep up with this game

enjoyed it 

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Very creepy really good thank you so much 

Thanks man :)

I'm going to be real here this game is good it has the horror factor that every gamer is looking for I'm happy to say that this game made my heart race and my hands sweat, please keep making games like this one I have a feeling you can make it big with single player horror games, please keep in touch with me for future games you would want me to play thank you for the game and have a nice life 

Thanks for the feedback man, glad you liked it :)

more then liked it man it was great I have high hopes for this game and its future 

thanks man! appreciate the support :)


no problem 

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Never playing this game again, for real THE SCARIEST GAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED. The atmosphere and ambience to the fukin girl that you see and the noises she makes is so fukin scary, Really good game if ur brave but im not so try it out.

Oh wow XD, thanks man :)

So, i wanna tell you there sir, I really enjoyed your game. It had me on the edge of my seat and was terrifying beyond belief. Great atmosphere honestly that played really well. I would post a video on it though my recording software decided to tell me to go screw myself and not capture. So, in order to not fake a reaction and play it again for a video, I will wait till more of it is out and make a proper video then. I just wanted to let you know though, great potential for a great game that is sure to be a hit!

Wow thanks man, that means a lot! :)

I played this a while back and I gotta say, Loving the new stuff bud :) 


Hey thanks man :)


Damn I remember playing this last year and all I have to say the alpha version WOW!!!! Amazing jump scares by the way 100/100

i like it cant wait for more

This game was great then and its great now! looking forward to more updates!

Link to my channel (opens in new tab) youtube.com/jonathick

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it :)

Hey Edd, been following for quite a while & really enjoyed the update. I think the narrative is strong & the lore is a really well done & helps draw you in. I like the new addition even if it is small, but the atmosphere is killer & had me on the edge of my seat the whole time.  I made a video. Hope you enjoy it

I also like what I managed to do with the thumbnail 

Hey appreciate the feedback. Glad you're enjoying the game :)

Really liked the game. 

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How do you hit play? i wan't to play but i don't know how.




SKIP TO 30:18!!!

Four of us just spent the whole night playing through every recent horror game we could find, and we found your demo to be a standout offering this year. We don't exaggerate when we claim to have played essentially every horror game worth playing, from the mainstream to stuff that nobody has ever or will ever hear about. 

We loved your demo, and found it to show extreme potential. The game was well-crafted, the tension was palpable and the moments of horror themselves were executed superbly. 

Please keep developing this game as much as you are able, we only come across this quality in horror games - indie or mainstream - once in a blue moon. We'll be keeping an eye on your work. 

Well done, and good luck.

Wow man that means a lot! Thank you! :)

SO I finally finished your game! Or at least what's available to us lol. It's featured in my latest video, you're the first game played! But you can skip to 13:06 to see my reaction to finding out this is a one man game and my thoughts on your work! 


Hey man glad you enjoyed it a lot, thanks for the comments :)

It is just walking over and over until something happens, it goes on for too long. It would be great if you could add something each time you go forward and back, it just loses interest.

Other than that, its alright. But the impact font.

I've played Ghost Of Tomorrow game and make a walkthrough video with voice comments. Hope you will like it, I love the game. Thanks to the developer of the game, EddLioni.

That was good. You actually got me to jump a couple of times. I really liked the hallway of doors. And only now that I came back to comment did I realise I could have used the torch, although not being able to see the end of the hallway was probably better. Fear of the unknown and all that.



So I played your game and it almost took my soul away lmao when I absolutely did not expect it to. You're the first game played! Definitely will come back to it to complete it.

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Beautiful game.  I managed to play through it without realizing I had a flashlight - so some areas were inexplicably dark for me of course. If I had one bit of constructive criticism it is that the main character and her mother's images are not up to par with the rest of the ultra-realistic scenery, as in they look like very old Poser faces.  I think Daz3D today could be used for free to create more realistic renders of faces.  

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On the plus side you have engineered the scares very well, and the environment is quite good. And while it is fine that it's essentially a walking sim with no meaningful actions to be undertaken by the player, there is a bit too much aimless wandering involved before you find the room you're supposed to go in/door you're supposed to walk through.

This game was actually really well made, especially from a one-man developer! These jumpscares were something else though lol!


Really good horror game ! To be continued pls .. :D


Can't wait to see future updates! 

hiya :D i played your game, I've been following since the first part release. i had a blast playing the update. for a one person project i gotta say the update was pretty good. keep up the good work friend. i think my favorite part was the  time slip theory story part. but one thing that i thought was kinda off was the main menu idk its probably just me. i give a little review to say what i think the update meant. also id really appreciated if you could share the video to you friends, family, and, pets! id really appreciate the support friend :D

Thanks man, I'll probably change the menu a bit :)

hopefully i didn't offend i was just poking fun at it. also keep up the good work friends im liking the story so far and look forward to the next update :D

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No worries 👍


I just made a video of this! Best game i have played of the Horror genre here on itch.io! Would love for you to check me out and see how i reacted to your gameplay sometime! Can't wait for it to have another update!

Wow thanks man! Glad you liked it a lot :)

Still easily one of the best indie horror games out there! Very well done and the new stuff was a blast to play through! Can't wait for the next update! 

Thanks man, glad you enjoyed it :)


Had same good spooky stuff going on, nice

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where did you find the modern art pictures (the red circles/blue squares/yellow X in the bathroom)? Did you make them yourself?

Awesome game btw :D

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