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This game is currently on Alpha state and will be released as a short game.


It is the day of August 23, 2019 and you wake up in your apartment alone. Suddenly strange events that possess a paranormal nature begin to occur. These paranormal events seem to transcend the boundaries of both space and time as these events may give you a glimpse of what is yet to happen in the future. Experience these paranormal events and see what tomorrow holds.





Left Click




This will be released as a short horror game; this game is currently in development. It will be updated only a few times since the game's length will be short.


I'm working solo on this game project. Any donations would help to support the game's development. If not,  I'd be cool If you can provide me with comments, feedback, criticism and suggestion for the game down below in the comments section!

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GhostOfTomorrowDemo.zip 590 MB

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Hey there, I really liked this game, I thought I had her, but still she managed to spook me :) Good luck finishing this game, I'll play it when you finished it!

Here's the proof!

A good step in the right direction with good scares. Let me know how it goes.

YouTuber: Fellowplayer

Looking around lags behind the mouse quite noitceably for me. I don't have much else to say since I didn't get far into the game because of this and so I think it would be unfair to make a judgement cause of that.

Made a video

You ever feel like your being watched??? That was me, all the time. Scuryy.

I enjoyed this experience! It has a lot of potential!

Very promising! I would like to play the full version! Is there any information about the release date?

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I'm working solo on this game so it'll take some time. So unfortunately as of now it doesn't have a release date. Await the game with patience! :)

This game was pretty good. Had me on the edge of my seat (also had me wanting to look away) But I wanted to see more. Cant wait to see where this game goes! 

I really enjoyed the game real spooky I was really startled at the end but all around gud game 

REACT **********

love the demo and like the story sound really coo. i like how you put little sounds that make the game more immersive and build up the scares. cant wait to see more of this game!!

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This was pretty good for a demo and it got me really good especially near the end. Hope for a full release. Also made a video on it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XSXq7DGe9U&t=5s 

I like turtles : D

This is how true horror should be.. subtle creaks and knocks.. leading to spooks.. and scares.. 😀 Loved it...

I really enjoyed the atmosphere you made in this game & I am eagerly awaiting the next update. It is very clear you have drawn inspirations from PT & Visage however what you have is your own unique setting & story. I like how the bright vibrancy of the game is then immediately contrasted with the dark setting of the game. It quickly becomes apparent that this game  is going to lure you into a false sense of security. GOOD JOB!!!! Please check out my video I made of you game.

Glad you enjoyed it man, thanks for the feedback :)

A very exciting peek into an interesting story. Really well done graphics, lighting and timing. It took a lot of steam to walk down the hall towards her!! I look forward to the full game~! 

Thanks for the feedback, glad you enjoyed it :)

Hi! I loved this game and am looking foward to seeing more in the future =) I used this game as part of another "3 Scary Games" video i did so hopefully i did your game justice and responded properly LUL 



yo, i couldn't even play the game because i was so scared of it xD nice game

This turned out a lot better than I expected! I was glancing around for a short horror game to record and found this one. I found the atmosphere to be perfect, and the story very captivating. I feel like this is a form of purgatory, where Alice is stuck on August 23rd viewing her murder from a third person perspective. This would explain the paranormal activity because she is the ghost at the end of the hallway. 
I hope you enjoy my video on it. :D


Second game I played . Greetings from Belgium Xxx

I loved the atmosphere. Had me on my toes the whole time.

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Very good job mate! Ghost of Tomorrow is a very spooky game in my opinion. The graphics are great and the overall atmosphere is very creepy. I'm looking to play the full version. Keep the good work.

I actually, made a video playing it. It's full of funny reactions and comments. I hope you enjoy.

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some crazy stuff going on in this game! You're doing some good work and you're doing it all by yourself. i applaud you sir 


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Thank you so much :)

(spanish playthrough) the game was really good a had a lot of fun playing the game, keep up the good work!

Pretty neat game. Seem to have some hints of PT? But any way I loved the part with the lights! That was pretty great! Would also love to see what else you add! The pitch black room was pretty creepy since you couldn't see anything. :)

thanks man glad you enjoyed it :)

Well made game. Doing this solo shows good skills in programming. The enviroment is good. Great graphics to go with good scary sound effects.

Allthough I didn't found the jumpscares in the game itself so scary (unless you count the suddenly poppin up text). I think they might be scarier if they are activated differently. the bathroom was the best jumpscare since it's activated in the right time. 

But I like how you are stuck in a small aparments and thing after thing just keep poppin up and you getting draged in to something horrifying. While somethings can leave you wondering why you are even there. That is so good for a game. 

Keep it up. 

thanks for de feedback man, really appreciate it.

Hola que tal me gusto mucho tu juego y aquí te dejo mi game review, espero te guste :)


hey muchas gracias por jugar!

De nada y sigas creando juegos espectaculares.

cant lie i jumped a couple times lol this reminded me of the lights out movie.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEkCOSLrg0s AMAZING GAME MATE!


Really enjoyed the game! Can't wait to see more in the future. 

thanks man :)

This was quite funny game to play! Shame that at the middle i realize that i have seen gameplay and jumpscares didn't get me so badly. I overall enjoyed this game! 

It's the first one 

thanks man :)


🎀 SILENT HILLS P.T. WITH A TWIST! | Ghost of Tomorrow Demo Full Gameplay Walkthrough

I really enjoyed this, the pacing and tension worked very well as well as the random unintentionally funny moments (unless they were intentional)  helped to keep the atmosphere from dragging. I am loking forward to seeing what  else you will be doing with this as well as what you are going to come up with in the future.

thanks man, glad you enjoyed it :)


I really liked it, can't imagine it being any more than this despite it being a demo.. The Alice across the hallway reminded me of the traumatizing Sleepaway Camp ending.. Got the feeling this was inspired by P.T. :P

Great work, I had fun!

thanks man :)

It was awesome game! Thumbs up for a creator! Amazing graphics, I enjoyed it quite well, would love to play longer version!

thank you, glad you enjoyed it :)

While not super "scary" for me, I enjoyed what Ghost of Tomorrow had going on. The audio worked really well to set a spooky atmosphere, and the hallway light scare was a nice touch. I like those where the spooky thing is practically in your face. I would recommend maybe altering the audio for the dark bathroom, however. Maybe have the spook sound grow as you linger in the room rather than simply being triggered by entering. (I show how this can be silly in my video.) Overall, this was a fun demo.

Good job, dev. Keep at it.

I see what you mean, however this is an older version. I updated the game so that the noise only comes on at the newspaper part. Thanks for you comments though :)

My expectations were honestly not that high for this, given the saturation of horror games on this site but there was clearly so much care and love put into this and it really shows in the end product.

The graphics were very good and made the environment feel like a very real place that is to be taken seriosly. The narrow corridors also made it very claustrophobic and I think I could see some P.T. influences in the game as a whole.

It was also clear that there was a lot of thought put into the sound design and where a particular sound is coming from at any given moment and every scare was pretty well executed.

I really appreciated little details like the date of the text message (it was the first clue to me that something is very wrong) or the fact that you took your time to write an entire news article (yes, I've read it). It's things like that that can really elevate a game and make it unique.

It obviously still needs some kind of conclusion but as of now it's a very well made little horror treat and I'm eagerly awaiting the full version and whatever you will do in the future. I think this could really be something incredible. :)

Just as a last little thing: I would probably remove the last screenshot from the game page. At the moment it shows like THE central scare of the whole game and I think it spoils it a little bit.

Hey man, thanks for taking your time and writting a full review. Really appreciate that you value the effort put into every small detail. I'll consider your suggestion too!

A great demo and a great start to a short horror game! Looking forward to the finished game!

Thanks man, glad you liked it :)

I'm about to play this game. I'm ok with jump scares, but is there any gore involved? Im trying to avoid gore, cursing, and extreme violence with blood. Sorry for asking but im a familyfriendly channel. Well i try to be anyway.

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